PCAU visited the Capitol!

This past Tuesday, Prevent Child Abuse Utah hosted a luncheon for our State Senators and Representatives. This was a wonderful opportunity that we had to rub shoulders with some powerful people to raise awareness about what our organizations does! With Child Abuse Prevention Month just a few short weeks away, it was a great time to share our cause. Here are a few photos from the event! Enjoy!





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We are already working with the Capitol to schedule a day for the 2014 Legislative Session. We think this a fabulous event to take on annually! Child Abuse Prevention is a cause we can all agree on supporting.

Thank you for all you do for Utah!


Anti-Bullying in the news

As you all have probably noticed, a big push for anti-bullying programs is sweeping the state and nation. Last week, KSL focused on a different anti-bullying story each day. We think this is awesome! Raising awareness is key in preventing child abuse (bullying included)! One of our favorite things was that KSL ended the week with “Be A Friend” Friday, encouraging people to tweet about acts of kindness they had encountered during the week. We encourage all of you to continue participating by tweeting #beafriend.

Bullying is a collective problem, and there are things each one of us can do to prevent it. Here are a few clips from the KSL News team that got us motivated to do more! Share them with your friends.

“Utah Mother hopes son’s death will help put a stop to bullying” This clip discusses a specific student’s struggles with bullying at school. We are all aware that suicide is a negative outcome, but there are other problems to be aware of as well: switching schools, being afraid to go to school, lack of motivation and self-confidence, etc. We appreciate all the work Rep. Carol Spackman Moss does for Prevent Child Abuse Utah and our state. She is pushing to have Utah’s anti-bullying law updated to include other types of bullying besides physical.

“Single act of kindness affects change in Utah teen’s life” This clip highlights a story of how powerful good witnesses to bullying can be.

“‘It’s empowering our youth,’ says coach about anti-bullying programs” Southern Utah middle schools have started Student Athletes Against Bullying clubs to combat bullying in their schools.

“Famous motivational speaker to start anti-bullying campaign in Utah” This clip discusses how we all play a role in bullying prevention. The article talks about Nick Vujicic’s discussions with Governor Herbert on a campaign for Utah.

Prevent Child Abuse Utah offers free anti-bullying programs for students of all ages. We focus on the 3 roles in bullying situations: Bully, Target, and Witness, emphasizing that Good Witnesses have the most power in stopping bullies from picking on other kids. For older students, we define 5 types of bullying: Physical, Verbal, Emotional, Sexual, and Cyber. Let’s work together to empower kids and adults to stand up for the targets!

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Illinois pushing mandated child abuse awareness education

Check out this article: “Child abuse education law approved by Senate”!

The state of Illinois is pushing Erin’s Law that would require child abuse awareness education for all students and teachers in primary and secondary education. We wish this would be true for all states.

At Prevent Child Abuse Utah we believe that education is the key to prevention. Talking to children about child abuse and what to do if someone is hurting them is crucial to child abuse prevention. It is essential that teachers and adults who work with children know how to recognize and report abuse as well.

Here in Utah, free age-appropriate education is available for students and teachers! Our agency has been around for over 30 years, and our curriculum is approved by the Utah State Office of Education. Even though it is not state law, many Utah communities, schools, and faculties utilize our programs. PCAU reached about 45,000 people in 2012 with our educational programs, but that number needs to GROW.

We all have a role in child abuse prevention. Safety for our children is a cause we should all support.

Call us today (801-393-3366) for more information about scheduling Child Abuse Prevention programs for your staff or school.

Prevent Child Abuse Utah

PCAU’s Resolutions for 2013

We begin 2013 with a new year, new goals, and some staff changes, including a new Executive Director, Trina Taylor! Trina has been with the agency for over 16 years. She is passionate about the work we do, and Prevent Child Abuse Utah is fortunate and excited to have her leading our agency in the years ahead.

New Year

In the spirit of fresh starts and motivation to reach new heights, here are a few of our agency’s resolutions for 2013. Feel free to share yours below!

  • Make Prevent Child Abuse Utah a name that is more recognizable throughout the state.

  • This is a reoccurring goal year after year: Reach more students, faculties, and community members throughout the state with our educational programs, including presenting in different counties than we typically do.

  • Expand our Healthy Families and Safe Families programs to parents in more counties around the state. We are always looking for ways to reach more Utahns.

  • We hope to continue with AND COMPLETE a research project started in 2012 focusing on our Child Abuse Prevention curriculum that teaches students the types of child abuse and what to do if they are being hurt. We are looking for as many schools to participate as possible. Contact us for more information – (801) 393-3366.

What do you hope to see from PCAU this year?


Setting resolutions is the easy part, the trouble is sticking to them ALL YEAR LONG. KSL News published an article this week titled, “How to set a resolution you’ll actually keep in 2013.” This is what it suggests for accomplishing what we set out to do in January.

  1. Keep your resolution realistic.
  2. Make sure your resolution is measurable.
  3. Have confidence you can accomplish your goal. You must believe in yourself!
  4. Use the buddy system. Find a family member or friend who will help keep you accountable or even work with you on the resolution.
  5. Track your progress. Find a way to keep track of what you have accomplished toward your goal each day or each week.
  6. Reward yourself.

Feel free to share with us any tips of your own.

Happy New Year from all of us here at PCAU!

“Wrapping up” Christmas for Kids

Christmas is winding down at Prevent Child Abuse Utah, just as it is picking up everywhere else. Our Christmas for Kids Holiday Giving Program is complete! This year, PCAU (along with many wonderful sponsors) was able to provide wants and needs to over 500 children and their families. Thank you to all of you who made this possible! Have a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year!

Dear Sponsors and Volunteers,

Prevent Child Abuse Utah would like to thank our amazing sponsors for all they did this year for the many children in need.  With your time, money, and gifts we were able to bring holiday cheer to over 500 children who would have otherwise gone without this year.  Prevent Child Abuse Utah’s Christmas for Kids Holiday Giving Program could not exist without your contributions.  Your generosity is truly impressive and appreciated by us and all of the families who have benefited from your kindness and willingness to give this Christmas.

I am continually humbled by your selflessness.  Each year we ask for assistance and year after year we are able to provide gifts to all the children in need!

The impact of your support and effort is immeasurable to these children.  I wanted to highlight some stories from this year’s giving program.

One child, who suffers from a curved spine, cleft lip and pallet and is being raised by a single mother, was able to receive so many gifts of not only wants but also needs.  Another single mother, who is 15 years old and has been abandoned by her parents, asked for gifts for her new infant.  We were not only able to provide things for her child, but also for this young mother through your generosity.

Without you, none of this would be possible!  The smallest bit of generosity makes an immense difference to these families at this time of year.  Thank you for all of your donations and efforts. We sincerely appreciate all of you and are impressed by our wonderful sponsors every year! We wish you a happy holiday and a fulfilling 2013.


It’s looking a lot like CHRISTMAS around here!




The holidays get very busy and EXCITING in December. Each year our Christmas for Kids program sponsors hundreds of Utah children who would otherwise go without for the Holidays. This year, we and our sponsors have provided gifts for over 450 children. Take a look at what has been going on this week!

Many clothes, toys, and other items were donated to our “store” so that we can fulfill our children’s wishlists. Thank you to everyone who donated this year!
photo (1)

We put every child’s gifts into bags and pile them up in order to be wrapped. There are piles and piles everywhere!photo (2) These are some of our wonderful volunteer wrappers! They have been hard at work all day. We could not get it done without them. They are AWESOME! (Wrapping every item separately, because we all know opening the presents is the funnest part.)photo (3) Many of our children are sponsored by community members. This photo was taken after a big drop-off. Each bag is for a different child. A big thanks to those of you who donated time and/or money to shop for a child in need. It would be impossible for us to shop for them all on our own.photo (4) December is such a fun time of year for us. photo (5) photo (6)photo

Again, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who makes Christmas for Kids possible every year (case workers, sponsors, wrappers, donors, etc.). Every child should have something to open during the holidays.  

Keep us in mind for next year if you would like to get involved! We love all the help we can get. The more the merrier!

Contact our office with questions, 801-393-3366 or 1-800-CHILDREN.

ZRock 94.9 is teaming up with PCAU

ZRock is teaming up with PCAU this holiday season!

Last week, we posted about ways you can support the agency’s holiday giving programs. Z-Rock 94.9 is helping us in a big way, and YOU CAN TOO!

If you are unable to get to one of our offices to donate items for Christmas, ZRock is taking donations at their station (434 Bearcat Drive, Salt Lake City). OR, you can visit the station “on location” at various drop-off sites around the valley.

Listen to 94.9 for information on where to bring items you wish to donate!

A list of suggested items is provided on ZRock’s website, or read on…

Most needed items include:
“Axe”-type body sprays/washes, girly body sprays/perfumes
Hoodies in all sizes
Handheld Games
Board Games
Makeup/Nail Polish
Board books or books for toddlers to age 4
New or gently used children’s clothing and shoes
Diapers and Formula
Home décor or items for the home
Cleaning supplies
Hygiene items
Baby items including cribs, high chairs, swings
Games for young families
Family movies

Every little bit counts at this time of year! Any donations are greatly appreciated.


Please, call our office (801-393-3366) if you have any questions about how you can help year-round.

Holiday Giving with PCAU

Please consider donating a decorated holiday table-top tree for our Holiday Dinner for children and their families.

What: Donate a Decorated Holiday Tree
When: Drop-off Deadline December 5, 2012
Where: 2955 Harrison Blvd., Suite 104, Ogden, UT
(Located inside Red Cross Bldg.)
Size: Please limit tree size to 4 feet in height

Questions? Contact Shannon Trapier at (801) 393-3366, or shannon@pcautah.org

Other donations we would love for our families to take with them after the dinner:
Tree ornaments, Holiday Wreaths, Holiday Stockings,
Wood Craft Decorations, Outdoor Holiday Decorations

Prevent Child Abuse Utah is also accepting various Christmas gifts for our Christmas for Kids program throughout the month of December. This program provides holiday gifts to children who are otherwise going without this year.

For more information about Christmas for Kids and how you can help, contact our office at 801-393-3366.

Thank you for your support this holiday season!

In case you missed JOINING FORCES…

Prevent Child Abuse Utah’s 25th Annual JOINING FORCES Conference has concluded. Thank you to all of our employees, volunteers, and presenters for all of their time and hard work to make it a successful year. A big thank you to our attendees as well! JOINING FORCES could not exist without you.

We would love feedback about the conference. If you haven’t already, please fill out this quick survey so we can improve this training year after year. We value your input and strive to make our conference the most valuable training we can!

In case you missed it, here are a few highlights:

We kicked off the conference with keynote speaker Dan Powers on Monday, November 12. Read an article from Ogden’s Standard Examiner here.


“Powers said social workers, law enforcement, attorneys and medical staff need to remember they are part of a team. They can lean on each other when they need a break. He also gave suggestions, including to laugh often, socialize with those who have different careers, and to build a “bridge between your spirituality and work.””


Tuesday morning’s keynote was Cordelia Anderson whose presentation was titled “Dr. Seuss to Pornography.” “Yesterday’s porn is today’s mainstream media because the norms have changed,” she says.

The Standard Examiner also published an article on Wednesday’s case study panel on the tragic death of Shelby Andrews at the hands of her father and stepmother in 2006. Click here to view.

That article as well as one from the Salt Lake Tribune features our closing luncheon with Desirae and Deondra Brown of The 5 Browns. The Tribune’s article can be read here.

They have co-founded the Foundation for Survivors of Abuse. One of their main goals is to remove the statute of limitations for crimes of sexual abuse. To read more about their foundation and donate to the cause visit, www.survivingabuse.org.

The luncheon with Desirae and Deondra Brown was also featured on FOX 13 News. Click the link to view the clip.

Thanks again!


SAVE THE DATE for the 26th Annual JOINING FORCES Conference on Child Abuse and Family Violence – November 12-14, 2013 at the Davis Conference Center in Layton, Utah.


It’s not too late to register for JOINING FORCES!

If you would like to register for our 25th Annual JOINING FORCES Conference on Child Abuse and Family Violence, it’s not too late! The conference is November 12-14, 2012 at the Davis Conference Center in Layton, Utah.

Online registration is closed, however, you can call Mike Floor at 801-393-3366 or 1-800-CHILDREN before 5:00 pm today to register. It is also possible to register Monday morning at the conference center. Registration begins at 7:30 am.

For a complete conference agenda and workshop descriptions, click here.

Prevent Child Abuse Utah is trying to keep our conference as paperless as possible. Handouts are available for specific workshops online. You can download them here. There will be no handouts available on-site this year.

Spread the word about this fabulous training! We hope to see you next week.