It’s looking a lot like CHRISTMAS around here!




The holidays get very busy and EXCITING in December. Each year our Christmas for Kids program sponsors hundreds of Utah children who would otherwise go without for the Holidays. This year, we and our sponsors have provided gifts for over 450 children. Take a look at what has been going on this week!

Many clothes, toys, and other items were donated to our “store” so that we can fulfill our children’s wishlists. Thank you to everyone who donated this year!
photo (1)

We put every child’s gifts into bags and pile them up in order to be wrapped. There are piles and piles everywhere!photo (2) These are some of our wonderful volunteer wrappers! They have been hard at work all day. We could not get it done without them. They are AWESOME! (Wrapping every item separately, because we all know opening the presents is the funnest part.)photo (3) Many of our children are sponsored by community members. This photo was taken after a big drop-off. Each bag is for a different child. A big thanks to those of you who donated time and/or money to shop for a child in need. It would be impossible for us to shop for them all on our (4) December is such a fun time of year for us. photo (5) photo (6)photo

Again, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who makes Christmas for Kids possible every year (case workers, sponsors, wrappers, donors, etc.). Every child should have something to open during the holidays.  

Keep us in mind for next year if you would like to get involved! We love all the help we can get. The more the merrier!

Contact our office with questions, 801-393-3366 or 1-800-CHILDREN.