PCAU visited the Capitol!

This past Tuesday, Prevent Child Abuse Utah hosted a luncheon for our State Senators and Representatives. This was a wonderful opportunity that we had to rub shoulders with some powerful people to raise awareness about what our organizations does! With Child Abuse Prevention Month just a few short weeks away, it was a great time to share our cause. Here are a few photos from the event! Enjoy!





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We are already working with the Capitol to schedule a day for the 2014 Legislative Session. We think this a fabulous event to take on annually! Child Abuse Prevention is a cause we can all agree on supporting.

Thank you for all you do for Utah!


Anti-Bullying in the news

As you all have probably noticed, a big push for anti-bullying programs is sweeping the state and nation. Last week, KSL focused on a different anti-bullying story each day. We think this is awesome! Raising awareness is key in preventing child abuse (bullying included)! One of our favorite things was that KSL ended the week with “Be A Friend” Friday, encouraging people to tweet about acts of kindness they had encountered during the week. We encourage all of you to continue participating by tweeting #beafriend.

Bullying is a collective problem, and there are things each one of us can do to prevent it. Here are a few clips from the KSL News team that got us motivated to do more! Share them with your friends.

“Utah Mother hopes son’s death will help put a stop to bullying” This clip discusses a specific student’s struggles with bullying at school. We are all aware that suicide is a negative outcome, but there are other problems to be aware of as well: switching schools, being afraid to go to school, lack of motivation and self-confidence, etc. We appreciate all the work Rep. Carol Spackman Moss does for Prevent Child Abuse Utah and our state. She is pushing to have Utah’s anti-bullying law updated to include other types of bullying besides physical.

“Single act of kindness affects change in Utah teen’s life” This clip highlights a story of how powerful good witnesses to bullying can be.

“‘It’s empowering our youth,’ says coach about anti-bullying programs” Southern Utah middle schools have started Student Athletes Against Bullying clubs to combat bullying in their schools.

“Famous motivational speaker to start anti-bullying campaign in Utah” This clip discusses how we all play a role in bullying prevention. The article talks about Nick Vujicic’s discussions with Governor Herbert on a campaign for Utah.

Prevent Child Abuse Utah offers free anti-bullying programs for students of all ages. We focus on the 3 roles in bullying situations: Bully, Target, and Witness, emphasizing that Good Witnesses have the most power in stopping bullies from picking on other kids. For older students, we define 5 types of bullying: Physical, Verbal, Emotional, Sexual, and Cyber. Let’s work together to empower kids and adults to stand up for the targets!

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