PCAU’s Resolutions for 2013

We begin 2013 with a new year, new goals, and some staff changes, including a new Executive Director, Trina Taylor! Trina has been with the agency for over 16 years. She is passionate about the work we do, and Prevent Child Abuse Utah is fortunate and excited to have her leading our agency in the years ahead.

New Year

In the spirit of fresh starts and motivation to reach new heights, here are a few of our agency’s resolutions for 2013. Feel free to share yours below!

  • Make Prevent Child Abuse Utah a name that is more recognizable throughout the state.

  • This is a reoccurring goal year after year: Reach more students, faculties, and community members throughout the state with our educational programs, including presenting in different counties than we typically do.

  • Expand our Healthy Families and Safe Families programs to parents in more counties around the state. We are always looking for ways to reach more Utahns.

  • We hope to continue with AND COMPLETE a research project started in 2012 focusing on our Child Abuse Prevention curriculum that teaches students the types of child abuse and what to do if they are being hurt. We are looking for as many schools to participate as possible. Contact us for more information – (801) 393-3366.

What do you hope to see from PCAU this year?


Setting resolutions is the easy part, the trouble is sticking to them ALL YEAR LONG. KSL News published an article this week titled, “How to set a resolution you’ll actually keep in 2013.” This is what it suggests for accomplishing what we set out to do in January.

  1. Keep your resolution realistic.
  2. Make sure your resolution is measurable.
  3. Have confidence you can accomplish your goal. You must believe in yourself!
  4. Use the buddy system. Find a family member or friend who will help keep you accountable or even work with you on the resolution.
  5. Track your progress. Find a way to keep track of what you have accomplished toward your goal each day or each week.
  6. Reward yourself.

Feel free to share with us any tips of your own.

Happy New Year from all of us here at PCAU!


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