“Wrapping up” Christmas for Kids

Christmas is winding down at Prevent Child Abuse Utah, just as it is picking up everywhere else. Our Christmas for Kids Holiday Giving Program is complete! This year, PCAU (along with many wonderful sponsors) was able to provide wants and needs to over 500 children and their families. Thank you to all of you who made this possible! Have a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year!

Dear Sponsors and Volunteers,

Prevent Child Abuse Utah would like to thank our amazing sponsors for all they did this year for the many children in need.  With your time, money, and gifts we were able to bring holiday cheer to over 500 children who would have otherwise gone without this year.  Prevent Child Abuse Utah’s Christmas for Kids Holiday Giving Program could not exist without your contributions.  Your generosity is truly impressive and appreciated by us and all of the families who have benefited from your kindness and willingness to give this Christmas.

I am continually humbled by your selflessness.  Each year we ask for assistance and year after year we are able to provide gifts to all the children in need!

The impact of your support and effort is immeasurable to these children.  I wanted to highlight some stories from this year’s giving program.

One child, who suffers from a curved spine, cleft lip and pallet and is being raised by a single mother, was able to receive so many gifts of not only wants but also needs.  Another single mother, who is 15 years old and has been abandoned by her parents, asked for gifts for her new infant.  We were not only able to provide things for her child, but also for this young mother through your generosity.

Without you, none of this would be possible!  The smallest bit of generosity makes an immense difference to these families at this time of year.  Thank you for all of your donations and efforts. We sincerely appreciate all of you and are impressed by our wonderful sponsors every year! We wish you a happy holiday and a fulfilling 2013.



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