JOINING FORCES: Prosecuting the Munchausen by Proxy (Medical Child Abuse) Case

This presentation will illustrate, using actual cases, the reality of this form of child abuse. Common circumstances that circumstances that identify such a case will be discussed along with what experts must do to identify the underlying behavior that jeopardized children’s health and welfare. Although many of these cases have been handled in the child welfare system, none have been criminally prosecuted in Utah, despite the fact that definitions contained int eh child abuse statute cover this form of abuse. Participants who investigate such cases will be encouraged to refer appropriate cases for screening of appropriate criminal charges. Participants who prosecute child abuse cases will be encouraged to file such cases and will be provided with the tools needed to file a MSBP or Medical Child Abuse case.

This workshop will be co-presented by Rob Parrish and Karen Hansen on Monday, November 12 from 3:00 until 4:30 pm.

Dr. Karen Hansen has worked in the field of child abuse and neglect for 27 years as a member of the Safe and Healthy Families team at Primary Children’s Medical Center and the University of Utah Health Sciences Center. She is board certified and recertified in general pediatrics, and is board certified in child abuse pediatrics.

Rob Parrish began his legal career with the Utah Attorney General’s Office in 1980.  Through many years of work as an appellate and trial attorney, he gravitated to the field of child abuse and child maltreatment, becoming a nationally recognized expert in prosecuting cases involving physical abuse and murder of children.

Rob Parrish will also be presenting “Beyond Mandatory Reporting: Improving Cooperation Between Law Enforcement, Child Protective Services and Prosecutors” with Laura Thompson from 1:15 until 2:45 pm on Monday.

Register today for JOINING FORCES. A full agenda of the conference can be viewed here. It is less that a week away!


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