JOINING FORCES: Preventing Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

While there is an enormous need to find resources to support victims of commercial sexual exploitation after they are harmed, this session focuses on actions needed to stop it from ever being perpetrated in the first place – whether for individual or commercial gain. The session includes studies and strategies that point to ways to reduce the likelihood that men will buy or sell women and children, and to reduce the likelihood that women and children will be vulnerable to such commodification and exploitation, and to reduce the likelihood that businesses will profit from such harm.

Cordelia Anderson will be presenting this workshop from 10:15 to 11:45 am after her keynote session on Tuesday morning. Click to read about her keynote titled “Dr. Seuss to Pornography.”

Cordelia has been working to promote sexual health and prevent sexual harm for over 35 years. The early years included counseling prostituted women, adult survivors of CSA, sex offenders and helping prepare child victims to go through court. She also worked with theater for education and social change. Since 1992, Cordelia has operated her own training and consultation business based in MN – Sensibilities Prevention Services.

Click to register for our 25th Annual JOINING FORCES Conference today! A complete conference schedule is also available online.


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