JOINING FORCES: Vulnerable Adult Abuse

Vulnerable Adult Abuse is one of the most under-reported and misunderstood crimes in our community. It is important for professionals from all walks of life to become more familiar with the signs of Vulnerable Adult Abuse so that we can begin to reverse the trend of under-reporting and under-prosecuting these offenses. This section will introduce attendees to the laws that govern Vulnerable Adult Abuse, with a few brief case-studies to illustrate different points of the Vulnerable Adult Abuse statute.

This session will be presented by Alicia Cook on Monday, November 12 of the JOINING FORCES Conference from 10:15 to 11:45 am.

Ms. Cook graduated from the University of Utah College of Law in 2000, and was hired as a prosecutor by the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office in January of 2001.  Ms. Cook has been a member of the Narcotics Enforcement Prosecution Team, the Special Victims Team, and the office’s first Domestic Violence Team.  Ms. Cook became the team leader of the office’s first Vulnerable Adult Abuse Team in 2009.  Ms. Cook is currently the team leader of the Special Victims Team.

Register for JOINING FORCES by visiting our website. If you questions about the conference feel free to call our office (801-393-3366 or toll-free 1-800-CHILDREN).


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