JOINING FORCES: 20 Years Later… Prosecuting Sexual Abuse: How the System Worked for Me

From age 8 to 13, Preston Jensen was repeatedly sexually assaulted by his best friend’s stepfather. He kept this secret quiet for several years before his terrifying memories manifested themselves as seizures and physical illness. More than 20 years after the abuse, with the help of an incredible detective, district attorneys and prosecutor, Preston pressed charges and began his road to healing. During this workshop, Preston tells his story of survival and identifies how the system helped him guide his own case. He will share how these professionals allowed him be a part of the decisions that not only imprisoned his abuser but also provided the healing needed to go from victim to victor.

The detective and investigator will be joining Preston and available for questions at the conclusion of his story.

This session will be held Tuesday, November 13 of the JOINING FORCES Conference from 1:15 – 2:45 pm.

Preston Jensen was sexually abused for more than 5 years by his best friend’s stepfather. Twenty years later, he pressed charges and his perpetrator was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Preston now shares his incredible story of strength and courage with adult and youth audiences. He details the story of his court experience and how many professionals supported and aided him through his journey of healing.

Remember, early registration rates for Joining Forces end October 15. Register today!


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