JOINING FORCES: “Emerging Technologies: Mobile Apps, Augmented Reality & Beyond”

Augmented Reality (AR) is a groundbreaking high-tech science that is on the verge of creating a technological explosion. The blending of AR and digital worlds creates positive and negative opportunities for technology to shape our society. AR capable smartphones are exploding in the cell phone market at an incredible rate. Global positioning and cell towers’ coordinates have created a live social networking phenomenon that is likely to thrive in our “must-have” broadband society. This presentation, given by Joseph Rampolla on Monday, November 12 from 10:15-11:45 am, will review these cutting-edge applications, and demonstrate how the new trends of this technology create potential dangers in our society, highlighting the opportunities for stalkers, predators, and criminals to use against their prey, with a focus on child victims. Social service professionals, child advocates, law enforcement, and prosecutors would benefit from understanding the magnetism of the dark side of this changing digital landscape and how miscreants can capitalize on this new high-tech playground.

Joseph Rampolla has been a law enforcement officer for 17 years for the Park Ridge Police Department in New Jersey. In 2003 he was assigned to a regional computer crimes task force in Northern New Jersey. He is a nationally recognized speaker on the topics of cyber crime, augmented reality, virtual worlds, cyber-terrorism, cyber-bullying and undercover Internet Relay Chat (IRC) investigations. He has taught International law enforcement at Microsoft in Redmond WA, in the Ontario Canadian Providence, and taught cyber crime topics to all levels of law enforcement for the National Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. In his spare time he teaches in various diverse communities as an outreach coordinator for homeland security interests. Joseph serves as a consultant for various organizations across the United States and presents for the National District Attorney’s Association (NDAA) and Fox Valley Technical College. Joseph is the creator of the Augmented Reality Dirt Podcast and Blog (  The AR Dirt Podcast is one of the first podcasts dedicated to field of AR and explores cutting edge and emerging technologies that influence society, cybercrime and our legal system. Joseph recently co-authored the book “Augmented Reality – An Emerging Technologies Guide to AR” which should be released in the Fall of 2012.

Joseph Rampolla is also presenting  another workshop at JOINING FORCES titled: “Bullying, Harassment & Stalking in a Mobile World.”


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