JOINING FORCES Post-Conference Luncheon: Desirae and Deondra Brown

This year’s Joining Forces Conference will conclude with a post-conference luncheon with a speech given by Desirae and Deondra Brown of the 5 Browns titled, “From Victim to Survivor: Moving From Pain to Healing and Empowerment.”

        Picture of Desirae Brown — "Browns in Blue" promo (2007)

In their address, sisters Desirae and Deondra Brown, best-selling classical recording artists and co-founders of the Foundation for Survivors of Abuse, will explore the process of healing and empowerment for survivors of sexual abuse. Many survivors assume that the ability to transcend the isolation and pain of abuse to find healing and empowerment
is something natural or innate to a few strong souls—and beyond the reach of everyone
else, including them. The hopeful reality is that the healing journey is difficult for all survivors, but impossible for none. Desi and Deondra will also draw upon their own
experience and those of others survivors to describe what they wished they had known
earlier, and what they have learned so far in their healing process.

Read more about their foundation at

Reserve YOUR seat at the post-conference luncheon for just $25 for conference attendees or $40 for non-conference attendees. Click here to register for the Joining Forces Conference; for luncheon-only reservations contact Mike Floor at 1-800-CHILDREN.


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